There are so many stories DNA cannot tell, as well as false attributions, nationality and religion are human constructs, not genetic.

Documents not DNA

There are so many stories DNA cannot tell, as well as false attributions, nationality and religion are human constructs, not genetic.


All that information is extracted from migration templates. Conversely family history must be seen in the context of world history, the wars, famines, economic opportunities and upheavals that motivated migrations, relegated neighborhood choices and marriages.


Why are do so many Irish Americans have German roots? Famine brought the Irish to America in the late 1840s while the Germans fled a failed liberal revolution, most were Catholic and thus subject to discrimination, not formally criminalized for another Century and thus most ended up sharing the same crap neighborhoods that no one else wanted.


Half a century later, similar situations brought an influx of Eastern European Jews and Southern Italian Catholics to those same slums, but there was much less intermarriage, though many recipes were shared.


Vital records (certificates of birth marriage, naturalization, death etc.) obtained and expedited, nationally and internationally, including Apostille as required.
Deeds and incorporation.
Case experience includes obtaining for Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests; documentation for Right-of-Return dual citizenship; proof of event and lineage.
Heritage society (Mayflower, DAR, Colonial Dames etc.) membership


My investigation results in a kinship affidavit. Because the court knows the difficulty of proving a negative, I list my efforts to satisfy the diligence requirement. My affidavit forms the basis of my testimony, should the court require it. We meet, and generally exceed court mandated diligent search requirements for locating, or accounting for, all heirs so an estate may be distributed. Case experience includes multi-ethnic origins, locating international heirs, Holocaust and extended lineage beyond Second Cousin.

We provide:

Affidavits of Due Diligence
(where heirs are unknown).

Affidavits of Kinship
(where heirs are known).

Expert Witness testimony.

Heir Searches

Research for those speculating on a share of unclaimed estates, finding the nearest living relatives and coming to an arrangement for estate shares. Similar to due diligence except that the heirs are unknown. Case experience includes missing heirs identified, Holocaust restitution, and birth parent searches

Individual Search

Research is an art not a science with reproducible results. I have a good success rate and know many ways around inevitable brick walls. Results depend on many factors, mainly on what information you have and its accuracy.


Each generation further back may involve exponential increases in effort. We work within your budget, and time frame. Completion is accelerated by the specificity of goals and information.


Send your research objectives (lines and class of relatives to be traced, i. e. siblings, first, second cousin etc.) and your basic case data (names, dates & addresses -- a time-line for your decedent and family), which should include known jurisdictions involved. Please DO NOT send any original documents. We can then discuss, in a free half hour consultation, your specific search options and estimates.

Historical Research

Locating or accounting for document signatories including witnesses to wills etc. Real estate title, photo and tenant searches as well as long lost friends, business associates and military comrades.

Skip tracing

Declassified intelligence dossiers, imagery and cartographic resources.

Case experience includes published individual, institutional and business biographies; landmark designation and zoning.


Independent evaluation/authentication of documents and other research.


Recommendations for further research as appropriate.


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