It's all on the internet, why can't I do this myself? (That's why you're here.) The internet is a start, but there are so many critical resources that haven't even been properly indexed, much less digitized. I make my living getting my hands dirty delving deep into archives, where I revisit and continually discover new Rosetta stones. I also know to go back to original sources. Errors are inherent with even the most rigorous indexing; frequently I'm dealing with multiple generations of transliteration, (i.e. the evolution of first names from Hebrew, to Russian than English and their three different calendars).
Can you find "Missing Persons"? Yes, in many cases we can find or account for them to a court's satisfaction. This depends on how long they have been ‘missing' and how much and how recent your information is. Again, you probably know more than you realize. My job is to take those puzzle pieces and create a usable image to start with, then find more.
How long will this take? This depends on what you want and who has it. If you have a deadline, I will meet it. [RUSHES EXTRA]
My budget is limited, can you work with that? Yes. Your goals and objectives are what drives each case.
What guarantee do I have? I will meet or exceed the legally mandated "Diligent search" requirement. I'm a thorough, experienced and resourceful researcher this maximizes the chance of results. I can also check your work and see what facts and assumptions we're starting with to better our odds. Don't trust anyone who promises discoveries.